PIE-RATS Citations, Reviews and Endorsements


Michael Levin, New York Times best selling author

"To Fight Bankruptcy, Arm Yourself With Knowledge: Get Qualified Help Or Get Plundered"

www.medium.com/@BusinessGhost, May 3, 2018


Kirkus Reviews

Unique book -- Investigation of bankruptcy --

Discusses recent legislation,

Readers will glean much information about

bankruptcy and court system,

Compares bankruptcy to piracy –

Extensive in detail and outrage,

There is a problem with bankruptcy system

and it’s national,

Readers will find much to savor -- With advice,


“Hal is considered a proven example of a man of principle.  To know him is to understand why he would go to prison rather than reveal personal and private information about his clients to government agencies because he promised those clients that he would never do so.


The law has changed since the passage of the Patriot Act.  By law financial professionals are now required to gather and then to report private information about clients.”


Jim McCarty, author of Showbiz Selling

Consumer credit companies back bankruptcy law that empties money out of the pockets of American Middle Class families.” Paul Richard, possibly America’s leading public service financial educator, who directs the Institute of Consumer Financial Education, knows firsthand of the pressing need to better educate the American public and financial professionals.  Paul says, “Pie-rats, those who plunder you in bankruptcy exemplifies that when you do not know your rights, you voluntarily wave those rights.”


“Years ago Ben Feldman, World’s Greatest Insurance Salesman  stated, ‘Uncle Sam has a first mortgage on everything you own.’    The reality of this concept and how they get away with it is revealed and thoroughly explained in Pie-rats, those who plunder you in bankruptcy, which  is the most comprehensive book on this subject and it is written in language which is easy to understand.”

Forrest Wallace Cato, Cato Makes You Famous

“Read Pie-rats to get the big picture on what the banks, court systems and institutions are doing to you when you are in bankruptcy.”


Barry Dyke, patriotic American and author of Pirates of Manhattan


“Any American concerned about fairness and justice today will be very interested in Hal Chorney’s story.”

John Seigenthaler Former Editor, The Nashville Tennessean